Ready Made Earth Electrode Inspection Chamber

With the extensive usage of Inspection Chambers for Earthing, Pranav Energy has earned a name for itself remaining virtually unrivaled in the field.

Earth Electrode Inspection Chamber 

  • Earthing Inspection Chamber is indispensable and imperative for the safety of human lives and equipment.
  • This term is being used on a daily basis and it is very general to be put into practice during electrical edifice and process.
  • Earth Electrode Inspection Chamber is required to eradicate electrostatic/ dynamic expulsion of electricity and to take care of receptive paraphernalia.
  • Being the one of the prime necessities it is one of the chief prequisites in our lodging, industrialized and viably marketable electrical infrastructure.
  • Compact size for rod inspection.
  • MOC: Concrete with SS lifting hook, Dimensions: 300mmx300mmx190mm
  • Load capacity: 5000kgs

What is Electrical Grounding?

  • Electrical Grounding is a well thought-out concept that is one of the most valuable elucidations for unfailing and undeviating forms of grounding.
  • Meant for safeguarding, carrying no-preservation costs and unpredictable changes from higher electrical to lower electrical level are reduced

to bare minimum and are ecologically affable.

  • Grounding is exceedingly dependable for common wellbeing and covers more of the outer part during transmission.

Difference between Conventional Earthing & Electrical Grounding Conventional Earthing:

  • Usage of charcoal & salt.
  • Pipes with funnel & hole are used.
  • More surface area essential.
  • Entail normal perpetuation.
  • More rise and fall in Ohmic value.

Electrical Grounding:

  • Eco friendly electrical grounding is done for longer life.
  • Exothermic welding being done.
  • Less surface area required.
  • Cost –effective maintenance.
  • No fluctuation of current & Ohmic value.

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