Metal Halide Lighting

After nearly a decade and a half of the millennium, most innovative products that are desirable, becoming well-liked at ease by the present generation are there on the salver. Metal Halide Lamps brought on to the market by Pranav Energy, are no exception to this rule.

Metal Halide Lamps

  • Metal Halide Lighting Fixtures that house bright white lights might be dome shaped, finding applications in Gymnasiums, Big-box stores, warehouses as well indoor usage.
  • Halide lamps are a form of High Intensity Discharge (HID) that improve the color rendition and usefulness of the emitted light.
  • With time and persistence, Pranav Energy has brought forth a variety of products by Metal Halide Lighting Manufacturer.
  • Meeting the requirements of Total Quality Management (TQM), Metal Halide Lightning Systems developed by leaders of the pack have been made conforming to the highest standards.
  • Metal Halide Outdoor Lighting has also proved helpful in reducing carbon pollution to the hilt

Venture’s Uni-Form lamps

  • Venture’s Uni-Form lamps make higher light levels available with appreciably stable light maintenance with the passage of time in comparison with Metal Halides that are being used these days.
  • Venture Lighting Systems offer more on the user’s platter like, longer lamp life, lumen maintenance for a longer duration, brilliant color uniformity, quicker restart, 50 per cent warming up, fixture protection, blocking all the UV output and a complete range of open-rated lamps that have been made available in the industry.

If interpreted in brief, Pranav Energy has a complete variety to speak-of product –wise. This progressive stage continues like the state of rest or uniform motion as per the law of Inertia.

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