Exothermic Connection

We, at Pranav Energy, promote standard products that are brought forward by distinguished Exothermic Welding Flux Manufacturer, as well as by Exothermic Welding Mould Manufacturer.

Cadweld Welding: some co-related pointers…

  • Cadweld exothermic welding is recognized internationally as a premium name in exothermic welding.
  • Cadweld Molds might last for more than 50 connections.
  • Cadweld exothermic welded connection system produces a joint, or connection, offering performance of a better-quality as compared to mechanical, pressure type surface-to-surface contact connector or brazed connections. Ground rods are also produced.
  • Thermite Welding Equipment is used as the requisites in this procedure.
  • Considering high caliber of its molecular bonding, an exothermic weld will not slacken off or corrode, with consequential increase in resistance, throughout the life span of the bond – even under the callous conditions.

What is Cadweld Exothermic Welding?

PROCESS: Exothermic Welding is also referred to as ‘exothermic bonding’, ’termite bonding’, and ‘thermite welding’ and involves joining of two electrical conductors. Exothermic Weld is done via making use of superheated copper alloy to join the conductors lastingly. This exothermic reaction involves a process that involves reaction of copper termite composition to heat the welding copper, requiring no external source of heat or electric current. Production of heat is done via a thermo chemical reaction between exothermic powder composed of Aluminum powder and one welding metal oxide. This reaction might reach very high temperatures, if the metal oxide is of such kind. Powdered reactants are being used reaction wherein in a flint lighter might trigger a spark.

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