Energy Conservation through Electronic Ballast


Throughout the periphery of the whole country, INTELUX Ballasts are being sold like gold. Their value is priceless.

Electronic Ballast – Info

Possessing one of the principal manufacturing facilities for Electronic Ballasts In the country, the products created speak volumes about themselves. With a time frame spanning almost one decade, INTELUX has been unanimously nominated by one and all as the leader in the field. Owing to its classic design and hi-fi manufacturing quality, these high performance ballasts have been produced at a large scale. Not only are the products showing good end-results, they are also being rated well for consistence in performance by almost all the buyers, who are putting these ballasts to a good use.

Exceptional features

  • Ballasts accept AC (input voltage) on a very wide range
  • Greater possibility of input power correction
  • Lamp life is longer
  • Power is conserved and there is continuous light emitting output
  • User of diverse kind of lamps like the CFL, Fluorescent (T5, T8), Halogen, LED find these Ballasts to be of great use.

Range of products

Passive Power Factor Corrected (PPFC) Ballast as well as Active Power Factor Corrected (APFC): both are present for the user to select from. PPFC (30%) and PPFC (10%) have been developed to overcome the inconvenience caused due to low power factor in Simple Inverter Ballasts.

APFC (10%) Performance of lamp and its longevity is governed completely through the factors like reliability, and efficiency of the Electronic Ballasts.

What distinguishes INTELUX from the rest?

An INTELUX APFC Electronic Ballast helps to produce sufficient and continual output in the form of light. Elimination of flickering and viewing of the vibrations or rotational motion can be performed with a stroboscope.

Other Products from INTELUX

TELECOM: Intelligent Power Management System (PMS & IPMS), DC Diesel Generator, AC Energy Meter, DC Energy Meter, GPRS, Fuel Level Sensor (Capacitive / Ultrasonic)

POWER: Transformers, Static Voltage Stabilizes (SVS), Static Inverters, Battery Charger, Automatic Static Switch

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