Energy Conservation through Electronic Ballast  – INTELUX Throughout the periphery of the whole country, INTELUX Ballasts are being sold like gold. Their value is priceless. Electronic Ballast – Info Possessing one of the principal manufacturing facilities for Electronic Ballasts In the country, the products created speak volumes about themselves. With a time frame spanning almost.. read more →

LED Lighting & Solar Based LED Lighting In communion with its vast audience, Pranav Energy, has brought forth products like LEDs which spell out endless possibilities. The transformation, it has been unanimously agreed upon, has been tremendous. LED Lighting Enter and ‘make your entrance felt’ into the world of luminaries with Pranav Energy, bringing forth.. read more →

Metal Halide Lighting After nearly a decade and a half of the millennium, most innovative products that are desirable, becoming well-liked at ease by the present generation are there on the salver. Metal Halide Lamps brought on to the market by Pranav Energy, are no exception to this rule. Metal Halide Lamps Metal Halide Lighting.. read more →

Flame Proof & Explosion Proof LED Lighting Out of the most high-level players in the industry promoting prevalent forms of LEDs, Pranav Energy is bringing forth just as many models as any established gamer in the field, would. Explosion Proof LED lighting (Fixtures) Explosion proof LED lighting is built to last longer, performing successfully and.. read more →

Safe Area Lighting Designed to meet industry requirements in the area of luminaries, Pranav Energy has made its presence felt and quite veritably so. What is there in store? On stage as a go-getter aided by Safe Area Lighting Manufacturer, the Company has revived lighting standards to a higher pedestal than the rest. LEDs especially.. read more →